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Shooting Hoops


Shooting Hoops is an engaging basketball game with unique gameplay. You will shoot the basketball so it bounces and try to guide it into the basket.

Play Shooting Hoops Game

Tutorial To Play Shooting Hoops

Welcome players to Shooting Hoops! This basketball game promises not to disappoint players with its extremely attractive gameplay. In order for the game's ball to bounce, the player needs to touch the ball to detonate the air gun attached to it.

Your task is to make the crossbow bounce high, just within reach of the basket. Then, find a way for the ball to get into the basket. In Shooting Hoops, you only have 14 chances to touch the ball. If you cannot complete the task within the allowed number of touches, you lose.


Players use computer mice. Click the mouse to make the ball bounce.

Features of Shooting Hoops

Shiny skins

For each time the goal of putting the ball in the basket is achieved, the player will receive points. When you accumulate 50 points, you can unlock a new basketball skin. The game has quite a few different ball skins. Will you have it all? Unlock them so your game will be more interesting and colorful!

Game mode

Shooting Hoops has two outstanding modes. Basically, these two game modes are not too different, but they are enough to bring their own fun:

  • Blast Mode: In this mode, the player will detonate the gun attached to the ball to make the ball go into the basket.
  • Target Mode: A mode in which you will move the target so that it puts the ball into the basket.

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