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Skibidi Laboratory


Skibidi Laboratory is a fun platform game. Players need to use agility to avoid traps and destroy enemies. At the same time collect the crystals.

About Skibidi Laboratory

Welcome players to a super fun game, Skibidi Laboratory! This promises to be one of the most popular games on online gaming platforms. Following the success of previous games in the Skibidi games series, this game was released in July 2023 and still receives special attention from players.

It not only attracts gamers because of its interesting gameplay and humorous details but also thanks to its sharp graphics. And now, if you are ready for the laboratory battle of this game, click on the game to start!

Guide to Play Skibidi Laboratory

Complete mission

In the game, you will transform into the agile character Skibidi in the laboratory with the familiar image of being attached to the toilet. Under the surveillance of cameramen, players need to collect red crystals to accumulate energy and destroy enemies. You need to be careful with the traps that have been set up in case you attack the cameraman. As long as you fall into those traps, the game will end and your mission to destroy the cameramen will fail.


  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Press K to shoot.

Additionally, in some cases, players need to move and press the red button to unlock solid stone gates. Players should note that you need to collect all the red crystals in each level to activate your fighting ability. Only in this way can you shoot bullets and destroy the cameramen. The game has many different levels, with higher levels the player will need to overcome more difficult challenges. Try to have a great gaming experience with Skibidi Laboratory!

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