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Street Race Fury


What is Street Race Fury?

Street Race Fury is a driving game. Players need to press the accelerator at the right time to accelerate and reach the destination in the shortest time.

Rules of the game

In this racing game, the player's task is to reach the finish line before the opponent. Players who successfully complete this goal will receive a larger reward.

To achieve your goal, you need to seize the opportunity and accelerate as soon as possible to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. The car will move automatically, but to press the accelerator and accelerate, you need to wait until the needle on the speedometer points to the green box. Pressing the accelerator right then will be your opportunity to gain an advantage.

How to control

Players use the mouse to control the game. Click the mouse to accelerate.

Features of Street Race Fury

Upgrade Car

The owner can personalize the car by changing its color and changing the wheels to better suit the car and your personality. At the same time, upgrading the car's engine is also extremely important. This action will help your car have a greater chance of competing with opponents in races. In addition, in Street Race Fury's garage, there are many different cars, from simple cars to supercars. The better the car, the higher the price. Try to unlock the car you like the most.

In-game modes

Street Race Fury offers players two familiar game modes. In both modes, you will face off against another racer. The mission and how to control the car has not changed. But the difference is in the bonuses between the two game modes. Furthermore, the more you compete in races at higher levels, the bigger the prize money you receive.

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