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Suika Game


Suika Game is known as a fruit merge game. In this game, you need to arrange the same fruit to merge them and get a higher point as well as make them bigger.

What is Suika Game?

Recently, Suika Game has been booming and receiving the attention of many gamers. They are interested in this game for many reasons. And of course, the reasons why the Suika Game is so popular are extremely reasonable:

  • The game has impressive graphics in both images and effects.
  • The game has interesting gameplay.
  • The control is simple but addictive.

Guide To Enjoy Suika Game

How to merge fruits?

Welcome all the players to the best fruit game today - the Suika Game. In this game, your key mission is to merge the same fruits together and make them bigger and bigger. However, you are just allowed to merge two fruits at a time and they must be identical.

Players should note that in the game Suika, your score will be higher the larger the fruit in your garden. You will witness their development. At first they are only as small as grapes, but thanks to your cooperation, they will grow larger than lemons, oranges, watermelons, coconuts, etc. And they will stack on top of each other until they reach the full line, the game is over.

Controls: Players use the mouse to navigate and locate fruits in the game.

Notes while playing Suika

  • The more you merge, the bigger the fruit will be.
  • The larger the fruit, the more space it will take up in the game. At that time, you need to arrange them neatly and strategically so as not to quickly end the game.
  • Try to create space and arrange the fruits properly so that they can combine together as soon as possible and create unrivaledly strong switch.

Basically, the game has the same gameplay as the legendary game Tetris but is much more upgraded, especially in terms of visuals.