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Halloween Jump


Halloween Jump is an attractive game during this year's festival season. Help your character run, and jump to escape the evil hands. Can you do it?

Halloween Jump - Introduction

Halloween season is coming! Surely gamers are looking for the most attractive games for this year's holiday season. If you are looking for them, we are honored to introduce to you the Halloween Jump online game.

This is an extremely impressive game both in terms of gameplay and graphics. From the first time they enjoy this game, players will certainly not be able to take their eyes off it because of its appeal.

How to play Halloween Jump?


For Halloween Jump, the gameplay is extremely simple. You just need to control your character to escape from evil hands during the game's Halloween lex day. In particular, it is also a running game, but these hands will not stand still like the obstacles in the game GEOMETRY. They will move up and down continuously to make it difficult for players. If you make a slight mistake, your character in Halloween Jump will lose his life. Be careful!

Some notes

This is an endless running game, so the farther you run and the more hands you avoid, the higher your score will be. In addition, players also note that each time you avoid an obstacle, you can only jump up to 6 steps. If you overuse jumping, you may suddenly fall down because your jump run is over. In particular, even if you just touch the devil's fingernails, the character will lose his life!

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