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Halloween Monsters


Halloween Monsters is a fun puzzle game. Your mission is to find items where a knife is likely to be hidden to ensure children's safety on Halloween.

Story of Halloween Monsters

After Magic Land and Scary Memory Halloween, there's another Halloween game, are you ready? The Jack-o'-lantern is worried about this year's Halloween because a couple of scary creatures appear threatening to destroy the holiday. These monsters want to put real knives in children's toys to make them confused while playing. That's too dangerous. You have to find the real knives before it's too late. Come, please help him.

Explore Halloween Monsters

Guide to finding the knives

The way to find those knives is to check every toy that has the potential to have a knife stuck in it. Your task is to find those toys with Jack-o'-lantern. However, they are kept in different places, even in hard-to-find locations. Therefore, you need to be quick, remember and observe hard to quickly find all these items. The sooner you find them, the sooner your children's safety can be guaranteed. Therefore, the reward for you will also be greater. Good luck!

Rules of the game in Halloween Monsters

In this game, the search will be diversified with many different types of mini-games. That's great because you will get to change the game experience, especially since everything is great. Players can refer to them to better understand Halloween Monsters:

  • The game has a total of 12 levels
  • You will search for items placed in the box in the right corner of the screen in the fastest time possible
  • You just won a Find Words Game! Find on the right panel. Click and hold to select letters in 8 directions and match a word
  • Try to remember items in the box in 10 seconds and then find them
  • Spot difference between the 2 images. Click on the left image to mark the difference from the right one
  • You will play the time mode. You have 10 seconds to find each item on the screen.

It's great to be able to play many different mini-puzzle games in Halloween Monsters, right? Play this game and have a happy Halloween!