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Oddbods Soccer Challenge


Oddbods Soccer Challenge is a soccer game combined with interesting puzzles. Find a way to get the ball into the goal without being stopped by obstacles.

Oddbods Soccer Challenge Instructions

The game's features

Controls: Use the mouse to control. Drag and drop the mouse to navigate and adjust the power of the ball.

  • The game has bright, eye-catching graphics.
  • There are many levels integrated into Oddbods Soccer Challenge.
  • Unlock stages to play soccer in many different environments.
  • The challenges are diverse and intelligently arranged.

Goal in the game

Each player participating in the Oddbods Soccer Challenge game has the same mission. You will be the one to kick the ball to put it into the goal. Like free kicks in soccer, the player will kick the ball in a fixed position. However, there won't be any goalkeeper stopping you. Instead, there will be many other, even more difficult challenges that will prevent you from scoring. Oddbods characters will be the ones taking on that role. Good luck!

Some notes for players

To be able to put the ball into the goal, the player needs to understand the requirements of the game as well as the necessary details. Below are some notes that you should pay attention to to master Oddbods Soccer Challenge.

  • Newt loves selfies. Don't get in her way!
  • Pogo the Trickster is on the loose! His big fan will blow the ball away!
  • The blue ball can only be kicked once. Use it wisely to score.
  • Watch out for sleeping Zee!
  • The red ball cannot be moved. Use other balls to move it. Remember to kick all balls into the goal.
  • Meet Bubbles' new invention. her laser way will slice the ball.

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